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Brand and Visual Identity


A brand is more than a pretty logo. It communicates your experience, attitudes, behaviors, competencies, aspirations and values. It distinguishes you from competitor. It is a promise to your customers that they will consistently receive a certain quality of product or service. 


 We understand each business is unique. We, start with deep understanding and exploration, help you to determine what make your organization unique. We convey your characteristics via smart brand thinking as well as careful and thoughtful design.

Digital Branding

It is not only about the design of websites. Digital branding is the application of branding theory to the 21st century popular medium that we all know and love.


Both our branding and digital branding projects begin with similar stages. They both start with strategy and research, leading to brand icon design - logo, followed by the visual look-and-feel creation and coupled with strategic messaging - hard hitting copy.


We deliver branded design with digital outcomes while remain focusing on your objectives, strategy and long term vision.

We design, manage and deliver events, both in HK and abroad. Our specialty is creating innovative and powerful in-person initiatives to achieve the objectives of our valued clients and their brands. 

Corporate Event and Meeting

Successful conferences, training seminars and roadshows require ultra efficient planning and organization, accurate administration and execution, attention to every details – from travel and accommodation to sourcing and contracting, with the objectives and budget in mind. We will facilitate the event from concept to conclusion to ensure a smooth program for your delegates.

Incentives, Rewards & Recognition

We understand what types of incentives click for corporate loyalty programs. We develop and manage meaningful and impactful programs that truly demonstrate appreciation and drive engagement. Our focus is on how we can increase business performance through rewarding and recognizing the very people behind it. Whether the scope is domestic or global, with internal employees or external business partners, we ensure that all parties are co-ordinated and controlled to produce a seamless, professional and successful occasion.


Marketing at an exhibition can begin a lasting relationship between potential customer and an organization. We understand the importance of connecting and capturing contacts within a crowded environment whilst allowing your brand to stand out.

Product Launches

Whether it is launching a brand, a business or a product, the basic principles are the same. You will only get one chance to create a powerful affinity with your target audience. Professionally organized events are the perfect platform to link knowledge with emotion to deliver your important messages.

Special Events

Whether it is a themed party, gala dinner, product launch, charity function or company celebration, we have the expertise to create and stage manage so to bring ideas to life. All you need to do is enjoy the party!